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Catalogue - 14K Rose Gold/Yellow Gold - 18KR - 18K Yellow Gold

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Maile Leaf Men's Band
Item No. 33974
Ring 18K Yellow Gold Diamond 10
Diamond Necklace
Item No. 771184
Necklace 18K Rose Gold Diamond 0
Diamond Necklace
Item No. 769649
Necklace 18K Yellow Gold Diamond 0
Sea Life Ring
Item No. 43495
Ring 14K Rose Gold and 14K Yellow Gold Multi-color Gemstones 0
Emerald Necklace
Item No. 888639
Necklace 18K Yellow Gold Emerald 0
Ruby Necklace
Item No. 888638
Necklace 18K Rose Gold Ruby 0
Maile Leaf Wedding Band
Item No. 34080
Ring 18K Yellow Gold No Gemstones 10