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Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry



Unique, timeless, and traditional; Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry is exclusively “Hawaiian” in design, yet reflects its origins that began in England over a century ago.

In 1861, Queen Victoria was in mourning following the death of her beloved husband, Prince Albert. As tradition required, it was customary to adhere to the elaborate regulations for appropriate dress, which included the wearing of black mourning attire. 

Gold jewelry deemed acceptable to wear during this period of time coupled the traditional old English scrolling patterns that were hand carved by the jewelry guilds with black enamel that was used to highlight and accent the gold jewelry.

In 1887, in celebration of her Golden Jubilee commemorating her fifty-year reign, Queen Victoria presented Hawaii’s Princess Lili’uokalani with a solid gold bracelet. According to English fashion, her name was engraved in old English lettering and enameled in black. The bracelet became one of Lili’uokalani’s most treasured pieces.  

The enameled gold jewelry created a stir among Hawaii’s Ali’i (Royalty). 

The beautiful English carvings were reproduced incorporating various island designs. Over time, Plumeria designs, Maile leaves, and other significant designs of Hawaiian origin have found their way into history as Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry.

As its popularity spread, the other social classes also desired this unique jewelry. Thus a tradition was started and spread to all the corners of the realm and beyond.

Today, Na Hoku Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry is prized for its beautiful and enduring designs and commitment to quality and tradition.

Na Hoku continues to create all of our Hawaiian and Island Lifestyle jewelry in our manufacturing facility in Honolulu, Hawaii; our assurance to our customers of jewelry that is truly Hawaiian in both design and manufacture. 

At Na Hoku, our craftsmen still create traditional Hawaiian Heirloom jewelry by hand-engraving our designs. This is our commitment to the tradition and authenticity of this treasured art form that is meant to be worn with pride and handed down from generation to generation.


(Na Hoku Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry can be ordered with a personalized name in English or Hawaiian or engraved with “Kuuipo”; Hawaiian for “Sweetheart”) 

Na Hoku Engraving Patterns:

Please click image to view larger.

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*(Ring scrolls do not include flower as shown above, unless flower is specifically requested.)


Millimeter Width and Shape

Bracelets are available in millimeter widths of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 18.  With the exception of the 18mm bracelet, all of our bracelets rings and pendants are made of 14K gold “barrel” wire. If you look at a cross section of a bracelet you will see that it has a domed shape. This gives our Hawaiian Heirloom bracelets and rings depth, strength, and beauty.

 Rings are available in 4, 6, 8, and 10 millimeters while pendants are available in 6, 8, and 10-millimeter widths.

 For widths, an approximate millimeter conversion to inches would be:

  • 4mm =      1/8”
  • 6mm =      1/4”
  • 8mm =      5/16"
  • 10mm =     3/8”
  • 12mm =     1/2”
  • 15mm =     9/16”
  • 18mm =     3/4"

 The 8 millimeter width; our most popular size, is most often selected in Traditional Hawaiian Heirloom bracelets, rings and pendants due to the size and clarity of the engraving patterns and lettering on the 8 millimeter width. 



Most styles of bracelets, rings and pendants are available in:

  • Standard Barrel-Our most affordable weight, while still maintaining integrity and strength. This weight should not be confused with often found “ultra light” bracelets.
  • Medium Barrel-The most often selected weight due to the combination of durability, quality and price.
  • Heavy Barrel-Simply: the best quality. Heirloom jewelry made with this weight are those that will be handed down from generation to generation.  A thicker and heavier bracelet, ring or pendant having more gold content will have additional durability and longevity. 


Contour and Shape 

Bracelets are always shaped oval: unless otherwise requested. The oval shape accommodates easier slip-on and removal of the bracelet.


Bracelet Sizing

Measurement for a correct fit for a traditional Hawaiian Heirloom bracelet can be most accurately made using a bracelet sizer and sliding it over the widest part of the hand. To ensure a proper fit the bracelet sizer should go over the hand as snugly as possible. For further information please visit the Na Hoku store nearest you;, or contact our Customer Service department;


Ring Sizing

Determining the proper ring size for rings measuring 8 millimeters and wider need to be made using a “wide band” ring sizer; as the width of the ring will make a difference. For further information please visit the Na Hoku store nearest you;, or contact our Customer Service department;

Free Inside Engraving

Inside inscription on traditional Hawaiian Heirloom bracelets, rings and pendants will be done free of charge when placed at the time of order. Inscription may be limited to space available on the bracelet, ring or pendant. 



Any bracelet, ring, or pendant that is available personalized may be ordered with the wearer’s name in English, Hawaiian, Spanish, etc. Many items are worn with the traditional “Kuuipo”, the Hawaiian word for sweetheart. 

Lettering is engraved in Old English style as was traditional in the days of Queen Victoria. Lettering in traditional black enamel is very popular and is most often selected for personalized Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry. 

The pleasing contrast of the black enamel letters on gold also accentuates the lettering of the wearer’s name.

Raised lettering is available on most styles of bracelets, rings and pendants. The engraving is an appealing letter and background style that maximizes the reflective surface of each letter.

Raised enamel lettering is an appealing combination of raised lettering with traditional black enamel.  


Letter Background and “Edging”Options

Different styles of letter and background may be selected from to present a different effect directly behind the wearer’s name. 

Black enamel lettering is available with your choice of styles of letter background:

– Black enamel lettering with chip-chop background (EC). Chip-chop is a pattern of engraving similar to diamond cuts, producing a reflective background. This background is only used with black enameled letters and is the most popular combination. 

– Black enamel lettering with laser background (EL). Less reflective than the chip chop background, this pattern absorbs light allowing better visibility of the letters. 

Raised enamel lettering available with laser background only (RE).

– Black enamel with "Spaghetti" background.  This background is a thinner version of chip chop, and used on specific styles. (ES).

– Raised Lettering:  The raised surface of the letter is high polished gold on a textured (laser) background (RL).  Please note:  Raised Lettering cannot be ordered with the chip-chop background as the combined reflective surface area would make the lettering difficult to read. 

Our Vertical Heirloom pendants feature various “edging” engraving to enhance the designs.

SCH – Scalloped Edge: a diamond cut effect that enhances the light’s reflection.

HPH – High Polished Edge: a clean reflective edge.

CEH- Coin Edge: adds texture and dimension.