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Precious Coral, Too Precious to Wear

Why Na Hoku No Longer Sells Coral Jewelry

Coral jewelry was an important part of Na Hoku for many years. While we enjoyed sharing the beauty of this unique gemstone with our customers, it became very clear to us that the ever-increasing harvest of coral is detrimental to the delicate ocean environment.

Treasure-hunting divers, uncontrolled harvesting, pollution and climate change have all contributed to the decimation of our naturally occurring coral beds on the ocean floor surrounding the Hawaiian Islands.

In 2005, Na Hoku made the decision to cease all manufacture and sales of coral jewelry. While some questioned the economic sense of our decision, we felt then as we do now, that we are all responsible for the stewardship of our environment and must act, in any way we can, to protect it.  We are therefore asking jewelers everywhere to stop the advertising and selling of coral jewelry, and we ask that consumers cease purchasing this precious, endangered resource.

Na Hoku has called Hawaii our home since our beginning in 1924.  We are blessed to be a part of these beautiful islands, and want to preserve their beauty to be enjoyed by families, friends and our visitors for generations to come.

We know that this is the right thing for all of us to do.