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 Customer Service: Click on this option if you would like help placing an order, inquiries on existing orders, questions about Na Hoku jewelry, or repair inquiries.  If you prefer, you can also contact us directly at or by calling 1-800-260-3912 and then pressing 1 when you reach the auto attendant.


 Buying Office: Click on this option if you are interested in providing merchandise or supplies appropriate for Na Hoku.


 Advertising Department: Click on this option to contact us regarding advertising opportunities appropriate for Na Hoku.


 President: Click on this option if you would like to provide feedback to the President of our Company.  Our President appreciates your comments about Na Hoku and


Career Opportunities: Click Here for information about Na Hoku's career opportunities.


Na Hoku Customer Service Department hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM (Hawaiian Standard Time). Voice mail and e-mail messages received when our offices are closed will be promptly addressed during regular business hours.

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